Senin, 20 April 2009

Camping and Hiking

Holiday is the time that I always wait for because I can spend my holiday by going on vacation to my favorite places or do my favorite activity. One of my favorite vacation activities is camping and hiking. Next National holiday, I plan to go camping and hiking again. I usually some advantages when camping and hiking, such as; being able to enjoy the fresh air of mountain or tea garden and many more. Although the holiday is still in 2 weeks but I have to prepare everything for my 3 days camping and hiking. There are many items that I need to buy and most items deal with Camping and Hiking material, such as tent, wind breaker, backpack and many more. Because I want to go hiking around the mountain and the village around, I need to buy new Hiking Boots.

To buy hiking boots is not complicated because I can get guide to get the best Hiking Boots from really helps us to get the suitable hiking boots for us. Besides helping us to buy Hiking Boots, they also lead us to get Sleeping Bags. Buying and then bringing it when camping is a must for protect our body from cold. You can choose the style of sleeping bag that matches you.

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