Sabtu, 28 Februari 2009

Manage Your DNS at

What do you know about DNA? As far as I know dns, which stands for Domain Name System) is a system that saves information about a host name and domain name in the form of distribute data in computer network, for example Internet provide IP address for a hosting name and keep every mail exchange server that receive e-mail for each domain. Well, that is all I know about dns. If you want to know more about dns and all relates to it, you can visit is a right place for those who want to manage their dns because this site is a complete managed dns solution site. When you use their service to manage your dns, you will not regret and get some specialties, such as; you will get easy to use interface, you will be able to control it from your domain, you will get free update dns client and others.

As a dns provider, they also serve manage main, domain registration, server monitoring and others. All the service s above cost reasonably and matches with the service given by this provider. Besides the service above, they also have ddns of Dynamic DNS, this service is given for those who feel tired of remembering their IP address and want to remember their sub domain. So, whenever you need a site to manage your dns and other services, do not miss

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